Where booze meets food.

A little on me. If you were interested, of course.

I’m Dan, a thirty something in London that started this project to marry three loves together here outside of my day job: Wine, food and writing.

Me at the end of a LONG pairing dinner. But excited that my +1 had given up on the wine.

Since I’ve been a clumsy (but charismatic) waiter before I went to uni, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with different alcoholic drinks since my first training session. But a career got in the way and, well, the quarter life crisis/millennial snowflake tendencies have hit.

The last time I hit burnout I ran for the lush hills of East Cork to train at the Ballymaloe Cookery School, and I’ve just finished my WSET Level 3, where this started as a great study accompaniment.

THE masterpiece chocolate ganache I made that was a soup of disasters that turned into something beautiful in the end. And proof I went to Ballymaloe 😏

What started as me riffing about different wineries and wine pairs has grown into a community where I’m sharing my learnings and experiments as I go. Now that I’ve the space to enjoy rather than scrutinise wine for a little bit, I want to do a little bit more behind what makes some other drinks flow well with different cuisines. Wine isn’t for everyone (but it’s definitely for me!) and it’s exciting to jump into other areas.

There’s over 1200 different varieties of grapes, and you bet they’re making fabulous wine. That’s a lot of parties in your mouth that you could be missing out on, so why panic if you can’t see a Merlot or a Pinot Grigio on the horizon?

Red CAN go with fish, and I’m going to be sensational here - there are some whites that will hold up to a steak. Sue me. What’s emerging is beers, spirits and other delicacies can really flourish with the addition of food with a little more digging. And I want to make it accessible to everyone, rather than a hype of terror that speaking to a sommelier can give some people. They should be there to help, after all!

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Where did the name come from?

Dosage is the name of the final bit of liquid that is topped up into Champagne (or sparkling wines made in that way) which can be a mix of water, wine and/or sugar. Bougie, don’t you think?

Also as a pharmacist who doesn’t really want to be a true pharmacist, it’s a little tongue in cheek/a bridge of a name for me.

Can you give me any advice?

Why yes, yes I can. You can email me with any questions or suggestions at, or leave a comment on a post that’s piqued your interest. I’m all ears to understand how I can help you best, so please get in touch!

Also, I’m starting on Substack Chat if you have the app. Drop me a line, or join the conversation! More details here.

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Food, wine and bringing empathy to the patient experience get my groove. Writer, cook, wine enthusiast and pharmacist in no particular order.